Pumps and Rainwater Tank Accessories

Here at the Australian Eco Shop we supply and locally install a wide range of high performance Claytech Bluetron pumps and Davey Pumps and Rainbank Systems.

Both the Claytech and  Davey pumps provide reliable and constant pressure for every purpose. You can save up to 40% of your precious mains water by connecting your rainwater tank to your toilet, washing machine and garden tap. The Davey pump and Rainbank system provides tank to mains interconnection. The Rainbank effortlessly switches to mains when the tank water is low.

We also provide you with expert advice when it comes to water storage accessories. We can supply accessories to compliment your rainwater tank installation, such as a water diverter system which can help improve the quality of your drinking water.

We always recommend a pump cover too to provide full protection to your pump from all weather conditions. Australian Eco Shop can assist you with a Poly pump cover in a corrugated or smooth finish ,or an Aquaplate pump cover in a corrugated finish. Choose a cover to match in with your rainwater tank- available in over 20 colours.

Please Contact Us today, and we will provide a quotation and advice for your rainwater tank project! View our Rainwater Tanks.

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